The mini grant process for 2019-2020 is underway.  We are taking applications until September 6, 2019 and communicating the approved grants by October 9, 2019.

If your Mini Grant proposal is approved, we are only able to fund the amount requested in the original application. We maximize the Mini Grant budget during the review process and allocate every dollar possible. There is not room for overages. Please take that into consideration when making your requests. 

  •   If you are requesting technology equipment or resources, please make sure that the items requested are compatible with Fulton County’s operating systems. Your campus technology specialist can answer these questions for you.
  • Chat with your colleagues! We had many duplicate requests last year. You can simplify the process by submitting one application for the group if there is a shared resource from which many teachers would benefit.
  • If you are submitting an application for a group of teachers, all teachers must make a staff level sponsorship donation (minimum of $15) to the PTO in order for the application to be considered.

 We are so excited to have this opportunity to support our incredible LWE teachers, and we look forward to seeing all of your amazing ideas for Mini Grants!

Please contact Sierra Gritz (  if you have any questions.


For the guidelines please click below:


For the online application please click below:


With your 2019-20 PTO Sponsorship contribution, all teachers are eligible for a PTO stipend.  More details here. .

  • $80 for full-time teachers and $40 for part-time and itinerant teachers
  • The stipends are for items that directly benefit the students in your class, not for durable items to go into a teacher’s personal possession. Items, such as project supplies, classroom décor, curriculum enrichment materials, etc., can be purchased to remain in the class.
  • The Expense Reimbursement Form should be completed with all receipts attached and placed in the PTO Sponsorship mailbox by the clinic.  All reimbursement forms are due by Dec. 20, 2019

Please contact Sierra Gritz ( if you have any questions.